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The seminar series "Field Theory on the Lattice" is organised jointly by the NIC Research Group at DESY Zeuthen and the Theory of Elementary Particles and Computational Theoretical Physics research groups of the Institute for Physics at Humboldt University. The current organiser is Johannes H. Weber. In addition to this website, seminars will also be announced on the lat-bb mailing list.

The seminars are held on Mondays at 16:00, at either of the following venues:

Humboldt University - Raum 1'202, Adlershof Campus (Newtonstrasse 15) (directions),
or DESY, Zeuthen - Hörsaal 3 (directions),

except when there is a conflict with the QFT Colloquium at Humboldt University in the same week.

The Humboldt University calendar can be found here.

Update (April 2020): for the current semester the lattice seminar will be held virtually on Zoom. The details will be transmitted via the lat-bb mailing list.

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The schedule for the Winter Semester 2020-2021 is:

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